photo by Mitchell Feinberg for the New York TimesIs it just us or is there suddenly a Chipotle sprouting up on every corner? Gothamist was walking home the other night when no less then three blocks away from our apartment we spotted a brand-spanking new Chipotle, its chrome accents glistening through the window. We hadn't seen any warning sign or anything -- one day construction, the next, Chipotle. In the past few months we've seen them creeping along Sixth Avenue, one between 21st and 22nd, and another under construction between 13th and 14th.

As Amanda Hesser pointed out recently in the New York Times magazine, Chipotle is certainly a steep cut above other chain fast food options. We're still not quite sure why they're proliferating so quickly, however. Apparently the big bucks of McDonalds can support this kind of growth even when the city can't even seem to be able to pull out a decent authentic taqueria.

Have you spotted a new Chipotle in your 'hood?

Photo by Mitchell Feinberg for the New York Times