If you're gonna be That Guy and order Chipotle's "secret" Quesarito, get ready to shell out extra dough for your extra tortilla. The company has made an official policy on the Frankenfood, whereby customers are charged an additional $3.50 to get their already hearty burritos wrapped inside a quesadilla.

Chris Arnold, the company's communications director, told Entrepreneur that the move would both clear up pricing confusion for employees and customers, as well as free up the production assembly line when the item was ordered. "In the case of the quesarito, people were ordering them with enough frequency, and we'd see confusion among customers from time to time because they could be charged differently when they order it," he explained.

When a customer orders the Quesarito, they'll not only be informed of the additional cost but also ominously asked to "step to the side" in order to move other customers through the line ahead of them while the quesadilla comes together. An additional cost AND a few minutes in the shame section seems fair for putting Chipotle workers through the Quesarito's creation. And if you want to be a cheapskate about it, there's always Taco Bell.

[via Eater]