Following a very successful pop-up preview, chef Simone Tong is finally ready to debut her Little Tong Noodle Shop on Wednesday evening in the East Village. Tong—who spent four years cooking at Wyle Dufresne's pioneering WD-50 restaurant—specializes in mixian, rice noodle dishes from the Yunnan Province of China.

The chewy noodles form the base for flavorful broths and toppings that in turn season the noodles themselves. Chicken broth and confit are spiced with fermented chili and black sesame garlic oil in the Grandma Chicken Mixian ($16), with Chinese broccoli, pickled daikon radish and a tea egg adding extra oomph. Two vegetarian options employ a vegetable broth with 5-spice tofu (Little Pot Vegetable Mixian, $14) and an assortment of mushrooms (Mushroom Wood-Ear Mixian, $15) but could be made carnivorous with an addition of chicken confit or dan dan pork, if desired.

Besides the noodle soups, Tong's whipping up small plates of Beef Tartare ($13) with sichuan butter and a crispy bun, Ghost Chicken ($7) with pickled red onions and herbs, and Pork Chao Shou ($6), her homemade wontons.

Little Tong has adopted the no-tipping model and all prices are inclusive of service.

177 1st Avenue, 929-367-8664; Open Tuesday - Sunday, 5:30 p.m. - 11 p.m. Closed Mondays.

Little Tong Noodle Shop Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd