The Great NYC Poké Boom Of 2016 brought with it many new spots to sample Hawaii's popular raw seafood dish, some with greater degrees of success than others. Chikarashi, co-run by Michael Jong Lim, has been one of the more successful of the pack, and it is now expanding from its original home in Chinatown to a second location in NoMad on Monday.

Chef Lim—who counts Neta, Masa, and Aldea among his past cooking credits—makes a version of poké influenced by Japanese chirashi, with touches of Chinese and Korean flavors as well. The new restaurant will serve 13 bowls of poké (up from five) including the Sichuan Chili Salmon ($12.99 or $14.99) with Scottish salmon, Sichuan mayonnaise, furikake and katsuo panko and a Wasabi Mayo Tuna ($13.99 or $15.99) with bluefin tuna, wasabi mayo, shichimi, shoyu daikon and shoga.

Like its predecessor, the new shop will feature a minimalist atmosphere of natural wood, with a counter that seats eight.

1158 Broadway;

Chikarashi Menu NOMAD by Nell Casey on Scribd