Despite being known as a burger joint, I've always had a fondness for the Shake Shack hot dog, which began with an introduction to their fully-loaded Shack-Cago Dog that evolved into a devotion to their plain old beef dogs—topped with that molten cheese sauce, naturally. What's been missing, at least insofar as hot dog fanatics will tell you, has been chili. Well beginning Monday, October 30th, the wait is over.

A Texas-style chili (read: no beans) will be debuting on the menu at Shake Shacks nationwide at the end of the month, starting with app-based orders first before expanding to the regular menu on November 2nd. The Shack chili will be a "smoked and slow braised beef chili with ancho and chile de arbol peppers" that'll be available as a Chili Cheeseburger ($6.89 single / $9.69 double), Chili Cheese Fries ($4.99), and, of course, a Chili Cheese Dog ($4.89).

There's also a "secret" side bowl of chili that won't appear on any menus but can be ordered for $5.49.

As with some of the Shack's new menu items, the chili is limited edition and won't be available at ballpark, stadium and airports, which is a bummer for the prior two and a blessing for (everyone else) at the latter. But maybe it will go the way of the chicken sandwich, which was popular enough to become a staple menu item.