We didn't need a Lobster French Toast Sandwich or Shrimp Tempura Mayo and Hotdog Pizza and yet here we are, living in a world where not only do these things exist, but where people are also eating them (presumably). And now, we have a new entry into the Annals of Heart Disease with a Chicken Fried Stuffed Cheeseburger that's just waiting to be crammed into our mouth holes if we just reach out our hands.

In a move straight out of Dude Foods, East Village restaurant Root & Bone, who won accolades for their signature citrus-accented fried chicken, have debuted the new burger aimed at inching your blood pressure into the hypertensive level. The Chicken Fried Stuffed Cheeseburger sees a beef patty stuffed with pimento cheese and then battered and fried like so many chicken parts. Once out of the flyer, an application of "Mississippi Comeback sauce" and vegetable accompaniments.

The burger, which also comes with waffle fries, goes for $15 during lunch and brunch but if you ask nicely, they may also make it for you at dinner if they can. For now, this piece of deep fried insanity is only a temporary menu item, but the restaurant threatens promises to make it a full-time addition to the brunch/lunch menu if enough people post it on Instagram.