Chick-fil-A's NYC takeover begins in earnest when the chain opens its first local chicken store near Herald Square in October, followed by a second outpost just 10 blocks away sometime after that. Now it looks like the Georgia-based chain will complete its trifecta of stores in the Financial District, opening another restaurant at 144 Fulton Street, according to Tribeca Citizen.

The chain will reportedly open a three-story restaurant inside a former souvenir store, which was recently sold for $25 million to retail investor Crown Acquisitions. The new restaurant would apparently make use of the rooftop space as well with an outdoor seating area in the works.

A Chick-fil-A rep wouldn't confirm the new location...but they didn't deny it either! "We want ample opportunities to serve New Yorkers great food and remarkable service, which is why we have begun searching for new sites in the area," says Carrie Kurlander, VP of Corporate Public Relations. "We are currently focused on getting the doors open to our location at 37th and 6th in the Garment District, just north of Herald Square, and can confirm at this time a second location will follow at 46th and 6th."

In theory, Chick-fil-A's noted anti-gay stance should make them unpopular, yet in practice, they've grown to be the eighth largest fast food restaurant in sales and the most popular chicken chain in the USA. Opening in major tourist hubs makes sense for the brand, as visitors from elsewhere in the country will feel right at home chowing down on the restaurant's chikin (ugh) sandwiches. For the rest of us, a reminder that there are plenty of better options at our disposal.