No amount of backlash was going to keep Chick-fil-A out of NYC, proving that the powers that be cannot be put off by bigoted jerks or the prospect of dirty fryer money. Your chicken dreams have come true, NYC: Chick-fil-A is poised for invasion, with plans to open multiple restaurants within our boroughs this year. In a long "behind-the-scenes" profile in USA Today, the brand revealed plans to "open 108 restaurants this year—most of them urban and a good chunk of them in New York City."

The Atlanta-based chain already operates one franchise inside an NYU residence hall but this will mark their first noted expansion within the city. "If we can't do it in New York, we have no business going anywhere else," says vice president of design and innovation Woody Faulk. Whether they have any business coming here could also be debated.

Chick-fil-A would say they do, with a brand new outlook that includes shying away from the marriage talk and focusing on new trends, including "healthier," more sustainable food options and the ever popular Millennial demographic. To coincide with its big expansion, the chain will introduce new menu items including a new recipe for grilled chicken and a promise to sell antibiotic-free chicken everywhere within five years.

"People aren't just worried about calories, but about clean ingredients, too," explains vice president of product strategy and development David Farmer. "Our customers are asking questions they never asked before."

Should these new PR moves make you forgive and forget or does the stink of bigotry outweigh the delicious smell of waffle fries? Some people have found the rationalizations they needed; others might be content to find other fried chicken outlets. No word yet on where these restaurants will be—or when they'll open—but we're sure you'll find out somehow.

[h/t GrubStreet]