The Chick-fil-A coming to the Financial District will be the largest ever built—by double any of the other puny Chick-fil-A's of the world. The location at 144 Fulton will be "nearly twice the size of any existing Chick-fil-A restaurant," according to press materials, and the "largest the company has ever built, with five levels, including a rooftop terrace that will offer unimpeded views of Freedom Tower." [Editor's note: The building is actually called 1 World Trade Center, but of course Chick-fil-A would call it the Freedom Tower.]

Tribeca Citizen was the first to report on this location of Chick-fil-A and also get wind of the massive dimensions of its third NYC outpost.

The massive eatery will take up over 12,000-square-feet of space and will feature "design elements that have never been featured at a Chick-fil-A restaurant before." Enormous windows—including a skylight—feature prominently in the brand's plans for the narrow space, which is only 15-feet wide and the most narrow of any location. Two of the five levels will be dedicated to food prep and cooking, with the other three reserved as dining areas that can seat 140 people.

And yes, that rooftop deck.

"The Fulton Street metro station is right next door to the restaurant, and no one will ever build on top of it," said one Nathaniel Cates, the design manager for restaurant development at Chick-fil-A. "That means our guests will always have the same views of Freedom Tower. That was another advantage of the building that we were grateful to have."

The front of the building was also designed with glass windows meant to "give a subtle impression of the Twin Towers."

But never forget that Chick-fil-A maintains some fundamental beliefs that clash with NYC's spirit of inclusivity. The chain's noted anti-gay stance hasn't won them any friends with a large swath of the NYC community, yet they've grown to be the eighth largest fast food restaurant in sales and the most popular chicken chain in the USA. And they still draw lines at their outposts here, too, for what that's worth.

This new location is slated to open sometime in 2018.