Looks like that Chick-Fil-A rooftop restaurant's a reality after all. Rumors that the chicken chain was coming to the Financial District circulated last year, indicating there might be some controversial waffle fries arriving at 144 Fulton in the future. Today, Tribeca Citizen uncovered documents that appear to confirm those rumors.

An ICAP Application filed last year show the chain applied for a property tax abatement at that address for construction work that began in August of this year. Like its NYC flagship, this location boasts several floors for chicken consumption, in addition to a roof terrace.

A Chick-Fil-A rep was not immediately able to confirm the new location. Last year, they told us they were "searching for new sites in the area" but neither confirmed nor denied this location.

Last year, Crown Acquisitions paid $25 million to buy the building at 144 Fulton Street, which is adjacent to the massive new Fulton Street transit hub.

Chick-fil-A's noted anti-gay stance hasn't won them any friends with a large swath of the NYC community, yet they've grown to be the eighth largest fast food restaurant in sales and the most popular chicken chain in the USA. And they still draw lines at their outposts here, too, for what that's worth.

Opening in major tourist hubs makes sense for the brand, as visitors from elsewhere in the country will feel right at home chowing down on the restaurant's chikin (ugh) sandwiches. For the rest of us, a reminder that there are plenty of better options at our disposal.