The Health Department apparently ruined the lives of an unknown number of New Yorkers yesterday when it ordered Chick-fil-A's second Midtown location to close. The NY Post broke news of the chicken chain's shutter, in an article so packed with hyperbolic quotes that it borders on parody. If you ever wondered where the city's most melodramatic people eat lunch, it's the Chick-fil-A at 46th and 6th Avenue.

From the Post:

“I’m dying!” screamed Philip M., 31, of Chelsea. ‘”What am I going to do?! I am really upset … I love the chicken sandwich.”

Dying, a screaming Philip proceeded to tear out all of his hair and ran home to light candles made from fryer grease in a makeshift fried chicken shrine inside his apartment. In the incredibly dark and near-fatal hours that followed, sources say Philip ultimately realized he could live his best life devoted to a better chain.

The source of yesterday's snafu wasn't the result of any inspection, rather the restaurant had been "operating with a denied permit," according to the city. The issue was said to be resolved as of yesterday, but nobody answered the phone at the restaurant this morning and we were left with just a jaunty ear worm from Chick-fil-A's hold music.

This is the second major run-in the chicken chain's had with the Health Department. Last January, the other 6th Avenue location was closed by the DOH for several major health code violations. Naturally, people went a little mad.

Update: A rep for the restaurant tells us that everything will be back up and running today at 11 a.m.