This could be very interesting! And expensive! If the video below is any indication, it looks like two of the top restaurants in the nation—Chicago's Alinea and New York's Eleven Madison Park—are about to briefly swap staffs for something called the Twenty First Century Limited. Hungry yet?

Details on what exactly this Limited event actually is are very scare. The Facebook page for it simply says: "The 20th Century Limited ran between New York and Chicago in 16 hours.... in comfort, luxury, and speed -- spanning space and time. The 21st Century Limited will run a brief engagement between New York and Chicago in September and October of 2012." And that is all she wrote.

When the Chicago Tribune reached out to the two restaurants all they got was a whole lotta nothing:

When reached about the video, Nick Kokonas and Grant Achatz told the Tribune, albeit vaguely: "We're excited to be working on a project with Will (Guidara), chef (Daniel) Humm and the entire team at EMP."

Eleven Madison Park chef Daniel Humm and general manager Will Guidara were equally coy: "We've spent the last two years thinking how we can collaborate with them. We respect them so much. We’re so happy we've finally found a way."

But still, we'll find out soon enough. And in the meantime, we are very excited at just the idea of Alinea's inventive world-renowned food, rarely served here in the Big Apple, making the trek. Now we might get a chance to taste some of its food without making the trek to the Windy City. Then again...considering how expensive both three-starred Michelin restaurants are, probably not!