After a planned relocation to Red Hook fell apart, the beloved old Cheyenne diner will most likely be sold to a buyer in Alabama, after almost 70 years in business near Penn Station. Owner George Papas, who will demolish it if no one buys it so he can build a nine story condo on the property, tells Chelsea Now he's "pretty confident" that an unnamed man will move it to Alabama. Which beats demolition, but you'll recall how the Moondance Diner fared when a Wyoming couple bought it. Of course, there's a certain bitter irony to all this, since newcomers are perpetually drawn to New York in large part due to the distinctive character created by places like these, which are now forced to relocate to the provinces to make way for the same generic eyesores found everywhere. The lesson, perhaps, is that if you live in the Midwest, you may as well just stay down on the farm until a taste of New York comes to you—because there ain't much of it left here, y'all!