Though the wedding is long over, nitpickers are dissecting every choice of the new Mrs. Mezvinsky's wedding. On the chopping block today? The food. Chelsea Clinton is a vegetarian, and it was already reported that she had a gluten-free wedding cake. But she also made the decision to serve meat at the reception dinner. And now, the argument over what kind of food to serve at weddings is shaking the internet to its core.

Two weeks ago, Serious Eats posed the question of whether or not you would impose your own dietary preferences on your wedding guests. Responses were pretty split. Some said guests should expect to eat what the bride and groom want. "It's their wedding," said AnnieNT. "The happy couple gets to do whatever they want. Seriously, did you think this wedding was about the guests???" But greenteacups said, "I am a vegetarian and so is my husband but at our very-small wedding, we had a menu for vegetarians and a menu for meat eaters...I thought, why not, let everyone enjoy themselves because that's what I want when I get married." And now the Times is on the scene.

One vegetarian couple told them, “If you go to an Indian wedding, you don’t expect Italian food. So why should this be any different?” But vegan pastry chef Fernanda Capobianco disagreed, saying the reception is about everyone's tastes. "We are inviting chefs like Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud," she said. “How can we invite chefs and then have no meat? They’ll think we’re crazy."

The Times also looks at Chelsea's wedding style choices, which are apparently gamechangers. Her "pristine, minimalist and unembellished" wedding is now all the rage with brides-to-be. Wedding planner JoAnn Gregoli said, "It was sleek and clean, and I've had clients tell me, 'I don't want anything on my aisle, like Chelsea Clinton.' Brides are looking at that and seeing that less is more." And what is more romantic than a wedding based on the fleeting trends of the time?