The city's top restaurants represented in full force yesterday at D'Artagnan's Fourth Annual Duckathlon, a culinary competition where chefs tackle food-related and often wacky challenges throughout the Chelsea Market and Meatpacking District.

Teams from Anissa, Craft, Craftsteak, Oceana, DB Bistro Moderne, Chanterelle and Gothamist's own Mother Duckers followed the duckprints around the neighborhood while guessing the weight of a suckling pig, matching testicles to their animal owners (pictured above), frantically flipping crêpes, and humiliating themselves doing the "Saucisson Fan-Dangle" in front of Florent’s brunch crowd, a feat that involved wearing both a dangling sausage and a hoop skirt while squatting over a milk jug.


David Waltuck and Anita Lo were on hand pitching in for their teams, and although Anissa pulled off a respectable second place in addition to winning several of the individual challenges, Le Circle Rouge was the big winner of the day, earning the Duckathlon trophy, which will presumably be displayed proudly at the restaurant.