Last night at the somewhat not completed luxury condo project 15 Union Square West (guests rode a construction elevator up to the entrance), chefs Daniel Boulud and Marco Moreira hosted a book party for Dining in New York City, a new, compact hardcover guide to the city’s restaurants by Dutch photographer Jan Bartelsman. Proceeds from the evening benefitted Citymeals-on-Wheels. Fifteen local restaurants—plus the 3 Michelin starred De Librije (Netherlands)—were on hand, offering small plate cityscapes of their best dishes. As the night progressed, chef Daniel Boulud appeared smiling, apparently happy with the four star re-review of Daniel published yesterday in the Times. Elsewhere, food writer Josh Ozersky—who announced to the world yesterday he has gout—showed up wearing a foot brace, albeit triumphantly.

Last year, Citymeals-on-Wheels delivered more than 3 million meals to 18,000 elderly citizens of all five boroughs. While lots of people have lost lots of money recently, the charitable organization pushes forward, despite the recessional barometer: In their Reasons To Love New York issue last month, New York Magazine pointed out (in handy chart form) that on a day last October when the Dow dropped 733 points, Citymeals amazingly tallied 603 donations, compared to the same day the previous year when the Dow dropped a mere 108 points, and half as many donations came in. More information about Citymeals-on-Wheels can be found here.