You may remember Chef Ludo Lefebvre from his appearances on Top Chef Masters (offal tacos! electrified tartar sauce!) but he's garnered acclaim for his pop-up restaurant, Ludo Bites, in LA to the point that the Sundance Channel is airing a show—Ludo Bites America—that features him and wife Krissy opening pop-up restaurants in small towns the country. So, when is he going to open one in NYC?

Lefebvre told The Feast that they are looking at some spaces in Manhattan and Brooklyn (Krissy Tweeted about visiting DUMBO). He also said of NYC vs. LA, "I'd say LA more interesting than New York [sic]. It's less fancy. It's more like a street restaurant scene. Authentic people. There's a bigger community of Asians, Latinos. You eat some amazing Mexican and Asian food in LA, trust me. It's just different, it's more simple, less city-like."