Those who worship at the chef's altar should take note of what's going on at the South Street Seaport this summer.

Big name chefs including Hugh Acheson and Jessica Koslow (if I have to tell you why they're important is this really the piece for you? Just kidding more below) are part of the newly launched Seaport FoodLab, a dinner series that invites chefs from around the country (and NYC) for two week residencies at 203 Front Street. Each chef—chefs, in some cases—has two weeks in residency, with the only stipulation being a collaborative beer effort with Sixpoint Brewery.

First in the lineup are Paul Kahan, Erling Wu-Bower, and Cosmo Goss, acclaimed Chicago chefs who will be previewing their new restaurant Pacific Standard Time, opening this fall in the River North neighborhood. Next, Acheson—whose mug can be seen passing judgement on Top Chef: Atlanta—followed by Alon Shaya, a New Orleans Magazine Chef of the Year who'll be cooking contemporary Israeli food.

That brings us to Koslow, a name well known to Angelenos for her smash hit Sqirl. She's opening up a new restaurant, Tel, in a warehouse in West LA, and she'll be previewing what'll be on the menu during her stint in August. Finally, local boy Dale Talde "and Friends" will be rocking their fusion deal in September.

A final participant for October will be announced soon. Here's the full schedule:

  • June 19 - July 2: Paul Kahan, Erling Wu-Bower and Cosmo Goss
  • July 8 - 21: Hugh Acheson
  • July 29 - August 12: Alon Shaya
  • August 19 - September 2: Jessica Koslow
  • September 9 - 23: Dale Talde and friends
  • October 1 - 15: participant announced soon

Once a section of the Financial District reserved for tourists—after it was a place for fish—the Seaport's turning into...a fancy place for tourists. Momofuku's David Chang will be opening a restaurant in the new Pier 17, as will Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and a new by CHLOE will also grace the space with vegan eats.