Since the man who allegedly stabbed two men to death on the No. 2 train last week reportedly wielded a kitchen knife, it appears that the NYPD may be stepping up enforcement on anything with a sharp edge. Nate Appleman, the chef at Keith McNally's trendy new Bowery pizza resturant Pulino's, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the East Village and charged with weapons possession. Cops approached Appleman because they spotted a chain running from his belt into a pocket. What they found inside may not shock you.

"It's a pocket knife that's two inches long that I used to cut boxes at work," Appleman tells the Post. "I've collected knives since I was a kid. My mother gives me a knife every year on my birthday. This knife is the one she got me this year." Three police cars surrounded Appleman, who was taken to the 9th Precinct and released two hours later. He's got an April 27th court date, and chefs across NYC might want to think twice next time they pack their knives and go home.