Vinnie's Pizzeria seems like a really great place to work, where they encourage artistic expression and constant innovation. Or maybe slinging slices all day is a little boring, hence the afternoon spent creating the Cheeseception below:

"I'll have a slice pizza with slices of pizza please." #HotPizzaOnPizzaAction #meta #pizza #vinnies

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Yes, what you're looking at is a slice of pizza...topped with mini slices of pizza. The mind-bending creation was revealed on the Williamsburg slice joint's Instagram account, which besides their tasty pies and white board creations is where the pie slingers do some of their best work.

Reached for comment at the Bedford Avenue location today, a jovial young man told us the fun-house pizza was just created for fun, something to wile away the hours between rushes. "We basically just took another slice and cut it, like, into a little slice and then put it on top of the other slice," he explained. "You know what I mean?" Indeed!

The shop isn't selling the slices, per se, but when pressed about whether one could order it, he acquiesced. The price for a slice that contains multitudes? "Four dollars...maybe five dollars? It's basically like getting two slices." But what about all that crust?

[h/t AMNY]