BANG BANG CHICKEN AND SHRIMP IN YOUR FACE!!!! Yes, it's true, Cheesecake Factory finally looked at the rich culinary options in New York City and realized that their brand of hundreds of menu items—accentuated by a section devoted entirely to cheese-based desserts—was exactly what was missing from the landscape. Praise be.

The hokily-decorated restaurant will be making its NYC debut inside the Elmhurst’s Queens Center mall, reports, with a proposed 180 seats inside plus 48 more outside. If the chain's notorious wait times are a problem in places like Boca Raton, Florida, just imagine what it'll be like here.

The mallification of NYC aside—hey, at least this is opening in a mall, right?—Cheesecake Factory is the bomb. Their salads are enormous, their pastas are delicious and that warm bread they serve before the meal? Shut the front door. If we're going to be invaded by corporate restaurants, at least it's this one, where the food is (shockingly) really fucking good.