File under: Really? A new report from the Center for Retail Research claims that cheese is the world's most frequently stolen food, and as such, it has been labeled a "high risk food." Are terrorists loading up on cheese to destroy the planet?

Almost four percent of the world's cheese supply ends up stolen, putting cheese ahead of other frequent grocery targets like candy and alcohol. Shoplifting rates as a whole are going up, because, hey, times are tough. "For the past six months, [retailers] have been affected by bad news—economic slow down, government cuts and now an increase in shoplifting," one retail analyst told Sky News.

Globally, the trend makes sense: cheese, unlike beer or Kit Kats, provides a healthy source of calcium and protein, and there's no relatively little shame in whipping out a wedge in public. There has been no word on the kind of cheese stolen, though it is presumably not of the breast milk variety.