If your pun-loving college roommate designed the menu for a restaurant, it'd probably read a lot like the one at 2nd City, a new Filipino spot opening tomorrow on Hudson Street in the West Village. There's the Nice Buns, made with fried pork belly bao and Pass The Bowl, a quinoa grain bowl. We didn't know tacos could be Bi-Curious, but here they are, being just that.

The tiny, fast-casual spot is run by Jordan Andino, a Canadian-born chef with a Filipino heritage who trained under Big Name Chefs Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Wolfgang Puck. It's unclear how his mentors might react to a demand to Poke Me—though Puck seems... puckish enough to appreciate the play on words. The bowl of sushi grade tuna is dressed with sweet miso over a bed of coconut steamed rice with scallions, wontons, carrots and red onion.

The place has got beer, wine and margaritas on the menu, plus a house punch and sangria. Prices have that funny, fast-casual trope of making everything $Something.95 but with most of the dishes under $10 a pop, it could make for a chill drinking spot, operating til 11 p.m. seven days a week. While you're drinking, check out the graffiti wall murals by Andino's mother and uncle, who used the family's history in the Philippines as inspiration.

525 Hudson Street, 917-639-3262; website

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