Two of Lil Wayne's backup dancers were arrested this week after allegedly beating up a waitress at a West Hartford, Connecticut P.F. Chang's over a check-splitting dispute.

Jennifer Slaughter and Della Hamby were in town to perform with Wayne at the Comcast Theatre in Hartford, where he's kicking off the next leg of his "I Am Still Music" tour. Slaughter and Hamby, plus an unidentified third woman, argued with a waitress at the Westfarms Mall P.F. Chang's after the waitress told the group they should have asked to have their check split at the beginning of their meal, not the end. The women paid and left, but then came back for a forgotten cell phone, and that's when they allegedly decided to exact revenge on the waitress. Witness said they "swore at the waitress and threatened her," and then "one pulled the waitress's hair while the other punched her," continuing the attack after throwing the waitress to the floor. The third woman did not participate in the beatdown.

The waitress sustained minor injuries, and Slaughter and Hamby were arrested outside of the Old Navy across the street from the mall (naturally). A spokeswoman for Wayne's tour said the dancers were both contracted performers and were not expected to be included in his upcoming performances. Weezy himself has yet to update his blog with a comment on the situation, but if you're interested in avoiding situations like this when dining out, we recommend this handy guide to splitting a check at a restaurant.