Are the crowds too dense at Applebee's? Not a fan of the "martinis" found in Flavortown? Relax. We've got your hottest new happy hour spot right here: Pret A Manger.

It's true, New York City is home to the lunch staple's first location to serve alcohol, with Pret Bar opening Friday in Penn Station. And this isn't some grab-and-go operation like most Prets. The third Penn Station Pret (lol) will have a full bar with seating for 12 in its 950-square-feet. The entire operation—which includes all of the expected sandwiches and frog salads—is nearly double the usual size of USA Prets, clocking in at 5,968-square-feet.

The bar will offer seven beers on tap and another six in bottles. Prices range from $7 Bud and Bud Lights to $8 for pints of Blue Point Toasted Lager and bottles of Red Hook Longhammer IPA. So, more or less par for the course for Midtown.

The bar will also try on a bit of Brooklyn, offering Nitro Cold Brew ($5) and friggin Kombucha ($5) on tap. I like imagining commuters grabbing a quick kombu and a Falafel & Pickles Hot Brioche (another Penn Station special) before jumping on the LIRR. "Gotta get my probiotics, brah."

The location will also have a beer cart towards the front for those who can't ride the trains without a little liquid assistance.

Pret Bar is located near the 34th Street and 7th Avenue escalators near the LIRR Corridor and 1,2, 3 subway entrance

Pret Bar Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd