Now that North Brooklyn's ceded Robertas to the White House-worthy, there's plenty of room for a new homemade pizza place, and Williamsburg Pizza in South Williamsburg is just that. The joint, which opened last month, is run by Southside locals Aaron McCann and Geoff Curley, and chef Nino Coniglio, the Brooklyn-born pizzaiolo who's also worked at Pizzeria del Corso in Marine Park, serves up slices from behind the counter.

Outfitted with a classic red-and-white striped awning out front, Williamsburg Pizza's space is small but sweet, with an exposed brick wall and subway tiles enveloping the wood tables seating 16 inside. A chalkboard menu featuring a long list of staples and specials hangs above the brick, and there's a stand-up bar by the front window where patrons can chow down on pizza and sip fountain and artisanal sodas as they watch passersby.

As for the food itself, Williamsburg Pizza serves classic pies like mozzarella and tomato sauce-topped The Brooklyn ($4 for a slice, $15 for a pie) and the Vegan ($24 for a pie), which features tomato, garlic, caramelized onions, spinach, mushrooms and olives, in addition to meatier, heartier offerings like the smoked mozzarella topped Pancetta pie ($26) and the Calabrese ($26) with red onion, sopressata, fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce and imported black olives. All the sauces are prepared with San Marzano tomatoes importated from Italy, and you can choose between a classic Brooklyn or thin Margherita crust as well as a pecorino "Grandma" crust.

Coniglio also offers special off-menu pizzas like one with smoked chicken, arugula and roasted red pepper and another with kale and sausage, which rotate regularly. There are selections of salads ($6.00-$8.50) and heroes ($8.25) to choose from as well. And good news if you live in the 'hood: the take out/eat in joint will be adding local delivery to their repertoire soon.

265 Union Avenue at S.3rd St., 718-855-8729,