Remember a few years ago,when Citi Field and Yankee Stadium classed up their menus to go with their new looks? Well, the Knicks will not be left to sulk in the corner—Madison Square Garden is getting a menu makeover, too.

As part of the stadium's pricey renovations, a slew of big-name chefs have been brought in to upgrade the food, too. Andrew Carmellini (The Dutch, Locanda Verde) is busting out a Schaller & Weber Cheddar brat at his Sausage Boss stand, John-Georges Vongerichten (ABC Kitchen, Jean Georges) is doling out organic Asian chicken sandwiches at Simply Chicken, Drew Nieporent (Nobu) is selling high-quality burgers with bacon and onion jam at Daily Burger, and Jeremy Marshall (Aquagrill) will be selling namesake sandwiches at Lobster Shrimp Roll.

The new stands will be up and running in November, along with pastrami and corned beef from the Carnegie Deli, prime rib and chopped brisket from Hill Country, kosher food from Carlos & Gabby’s, a gluten-free concession, and, in what is surely an effort to appease only out-of-towners, desserts from Magnolia Bakery. Apart from Magnolia, though, the grub doesn't sound half-bad, which is good news for the legions of Knicks fans who need to cushion their losses by eating some feelings.