It's year-end roundup time, where every news outlet, blog and Tumblr will be rolling out their Best of the Best of 2013. These kinds of lists are wonderful, of course, but only take into account one person or outlet's point of view. To create a three dimensional view of the best restaurants in the city, whether old or new, data head Steven Melendez examined lists and reviews from the city's most respected sources for all things food.

Melendez compared information from Zagat, Michelin, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out NY and Eater and assigned points based on the outlet and the review. And because the Health Department plays such an important role in the dining scene, a restaurant's letter grade was then factored into the final score.

Here's how he broke it down:

  • 2 points (Zagat food score / 30) [so a restaurant with a perfect 30 score would get the full two points here]
  • minus (Health inspection violation points / 14) [so a restaurant that just missed getting an A would lose a point, one that just missed getting a B would lose two, etc.]
  • 1 full point per Michelin star (if any)
  • 1 full point if the restaurant's on Eater's top restaurant list
  • 1 full point if the restaurant's on Time Out's list
  • 1 full point if the restaurant's on NY Mag's list
  • 3 points if the restaurant has 3 NYTimes stars or 4 points if it has 4

Below, Gothamist's Statistically Accurate List of the Best Restaurants in NYC with tips straight from the sources about why each eatery deserves a visit.

Steven Melendez is a Brooklyn-based independent journalist who was previously a full-time member of WNYC's Data News Team.

With Kelly Beth Weill and Jade A. Williams