Everybody ready for a new hotel restaurant? No? Well, ready or not, here one comes: Say hello to The Americano, the restaurant in Chelsea's new High Line adjacent hotel the Hôtel Americano. Under the guidance of the former chef at Daniel, Oliver Reginensi, the slick new joint serves a surprisingly French menu (with a "Latin flair") considering its name.

The restaurant boasts big windows (and a big patio) in the back of the new hotel, along with a cafe and to-go area up front. The seating is comfortable and modern and the decor is tastefully barely there. As for the food? Reginensi is serving up foie gras torchon ($21), slow poached egg with braised chicken wings ($17), chicken quesadillas ($10), charcuteries ($19), a grilled octopus and calamari salad served with black beans and tomato confit ($17), and some standard sides like creamed spinach and crushed potatoes ($5).

You can check out the menu for The Americano right here:

Of course after typing the word "Americano" so many times we'd be remiss not to point out this: