Perennial NYU freshman drinking hole and drunken air hockey tournament headquarters Cheap Shots was reportedly issued two court orders yesterday for "illegal activities." The bar was shut after serving underage auxiliary police officers on three different occasions, leaving 19-year-olds stranded and $5 Car Bomb-less. Attorney Allison L. Arenson told NYC The Blog, "It can not be denied that the subject premises is a public nuisance, and as such should not be allowed to remain open even one more day." The real question is, how did it take them this long to figure that out?

The nuisance/landmark—depending on whom you talk to—was famous for their namesake cheap shots, drinking competitions, and doling out free drinks on birthdays. The bar recently got a renovation, and apparently had to discontinue their birthday special because of "some legal action, costing them $10K." The bar's phone line has already been disconnected, and shutters have blocked any passers by from partaking in the advertised "BABES ON THE BAR PARTY INSIDE." RIP, dudes.