Fans of incredibly cheap meat, take note. Burger King is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its Whopper burger by selling the meat sandwiches for the inconceivably low price of $.55 later this week. Of course, you have to buy a regular priced Whopper to get the low-cost beef but still, that is some cheap burger!

According to the fast food chain, the deal—which will be offered at participating Burger Kings from December 6th through 9th—isn't even just for a plain old Whopper but also extends to "any Whopper sandwich, including the new Wisconsin White Cheddar Whopper or the spicy Angry Whopper."

You know what $.55 Whoppers are great at doing, besides assuring long lines? Making everyone quickly forget about those fast food workers looking for fair pay. Criminally underpaid workers of the world uni...uh, never mind, cheap meat! Meanwhile, Burger King has not responded to our inquiry as to whether or not the deal is eat in only or if it extends to delivery.