This burger-obsessed town got another meaty addition last week when Blue Collar, a small burger-and-dog shop, opened on Havemeyer Street. The restaurant comes from Gavin Compton and Jeff Slagg, the fellas behind Miller's Tavern, but you won't find any Duck Rillettes or artisanal cheeses plates here. Their new venture harkens back to the roadside burger shacks of yore, with a kind of "keep it simple, stupid" menu of well-prepared comfort foods.

Burgers ($4) get a nice sear on the flat top before being topped with the requisite raw veggies and a special sauce, with the option to add to cheese or an additional patty if you're into that kind of thing. And while it's difficult to talk about bargain burgers in this town without thinking of that little empire starter over in Madison Square Park, the comparison here is well-deserved, as Blue Collar griddles up tender, juicy burgers to rival any available around town. The menu rounds out with an all-beef hot dog served up with tangy kraut ($2.75) and fries that ($2.25/$3/25) come generously salt and peppered, with cheese and/or chili additions available for a few pennies more. The classic milkshake gets a turn in the blender with flavor options spanning from vanilla and chocolate to peanut butter and cookies & cream. And rest easy, boozehounds: a beer and wine list is currently in the works.

When all's said and done, nothing on the menu costs more than $6.25, and for that, our wallets and bellies are eternally grateful.

160 Havemeyer Street, Store # 2, Williamsburg; 347-725-3837