Chanterelle, the 30-year-old restaurant in TriBeCa that changed the way NYC restaurants did business by making good food and service less stuffy, will close for good, the NY Times reports. The restaurant closed in July for extensive renovations and was due to reopen this month in advance of its November 14 anniversary; Owners David and Karen Waltuck explained their decision to the Times in a letter: "Through good and bad times it is a thrilling, passionate and rewarding journey. We are proud to be a part of this creative industry in this unparalled city of ours and look forward to what we will bring to you in the future..."

Last year, David Waltuck explained that it was the food-themed forays into Hell's Kitchen when he was a kid that propelled him toward a career in the restaurant industry. "I was really obsessed as a kid with food," he told us, "I still am." In the era of celebrity chefs and reality television foodie glitz, the Waltucks essentially remained out of the spotlight and in favor of being at their restaurant. Earlier this year, Chanterelle the cookbook— the couple's retrospective, 30 years in the making— won an IACP Award.