Finally, some good news out of the food truck court that once was the Tavern on the Green: for the first time ever a New York City food truck has been given permission to serve booze, starting today. The SLA has given the green light to for the Pera Turkish Taco Truck to serve beer, wine and cocktails during regular operating hours—but only if the potent potables are consumed in the truck’s assigned seating area on the terrace.

According to the SLA, Pera was approved because the truck was serving in a “specifically defined area.” So you'll be totally unsurprised to know that two of the other trucks in the court, Rickshaw Dumpling and Ladle of Love, have now requested their own liquor licenses for the court.

“We recognize this privilege comes with considerable responsibility,” Burak Karacam, who owns the truck and Pera Mediterranean Brasserie, told Crain's. “Our enforcement will be diligent.” So if you are planning on going to get drunk in the park, don't be surprised by the yellow band around your $6 to $12 drink—that is for your own security.

Meanwhile, yes, just as Albany is cracking down on booze-peddling barbers the SLA is giving out licenses to beer-dispensing food trucks.