Famed restaurateur and one-time blogger Jeffrey Chodorow has just opened up Center Cut in the Empire Hotel, and if for some reason a vegan had to eat a steak—say, to win a million dollars or get Fugazi back together—this would be the place to force it down. The theatrical 190 seat restaurant, complete with bar and lounge, is serving "steakhouse classics" using naturally-raised meats, free-range fowl and sustainable seafood. Their catchphrase is "where style and sustainability meet," and the kitchen uses primarily Brandt Beef, which comes from cattle fed a vegetarian corn-based diet for more than 300 days without the use of antibiotics.

The steak options from Executive Chef Bradley Day (China Grill) include a Steak Oscar (served with a blue crab-stuffed artichoke bottom and sauce béarnaise) and Steak Rossini (served with toasted brioche crouton and seared foie gras). There are also appetizers like a Bouillion-Poached Sable Fish with a champagne cream sauce and estate caviar, an entree called Baked Ziti Lobster Thermidor and a “Flinstone” Beef Rib with Lincoln’s BBQ sauce. (Just make sure that last one doesn't tip the table over when the server sets it down.)

[Empire Hotel, 44 West 63rd Street, Mezzanine Level, (212) 956-1288 / 212-956-1CUT]