Did you forget to make Mother's Day brunch reservations today? You did? Well, you might be trapped forever in the hellish purgatory of guilt and shame reserved for ungrateful sons and daughters, OR you could take your mom to...Hooters! Yes, in one of the greatest marketing moves of our time, the ever-classy chain's offering free entrees for moms on Mother's Day, because nothing says, "I love you, Mom," like a complimentary Chicken Strip Cheese served by a lady of Orange Pride, eh?

Hooters will serve free entrees worth up to $10 to moms who come in with at least one of their kids, and while we assume the promotion's aimed at people with adult offspring, you might even see toddlers flocking to the wing joint today. Who knows! Apparently, the ploy is aimed at bringing more women into the struggling chain's restaurants, which, considering all the allegations of sexism the company's faced over the years, is a precarious feat. But hey, if it's good enough for Son, it should be good enough for Mommy, right? "It's not as diabolical as you think," Dave Henninger, the company's chief marketing officer, told USA TODAY. "We know you don't think of Hooters as a typical place to take Mom, but we want to make it more appealing for Mom to come in."

The promotion runs all day today, and while you're there, maybe pick up one of those snazzy little tanks and crotch shorts for Mom to wear as a souvenir.