2007_05_arts_cedar.jpgThe Cedar Tavern is next in the long list of establishments giving way to condo development. The tavern has been located at 82 University Place (between 11th and 12th Streets) since 1963, though it's original location, in 1866, was on Cedar Street, from there it moved to 24 University Place.

Best known for its legendary patrons: Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and countless others - most of the significant events took place at the old location. You know, like Pollock kicking in the men's room door, as Kerouac urinating in an ashtray (both were banned from the bar after those incidents). Augusten Burroughs, however, refers to the most recent location in his memoir, Dry (read here).

The Tavern has been closed for renovations since December 2006, promising a comeback after the seven-story addition for the condos is complete. The NY Times had it's suspicions that same month about the re-opening. Now it seems to be confirmed. AMNY reports that Joe Diliberto "was quoted last May as saying the bar would reopen this January. That date has come and gone, and the building remains completely gutted." Not all neighbors seem to be upset to see it go, however, one stating that "It had pretty much run its course...none of the people who made it what is was were coming here anymore."

Here's a photo of the 24 and 82 University Place Cedar Taverns. And here's footage of Kerouac & co at Harmony Bar on 9th Street (one of his alternatives to Cedar after getting banned, we suppose).

Photo via wallyg's Flickr.