And, no, the cats are not eaten. Gothamist knows how your mind has instantly made the leap to the Far East, but, alas, it's a Meow Mix store where cats can grab a nosh. On the heels of the NY Times article a few weeks ago that revealed the Fifth Avenue (between 41st and 42nd Streets) location and menu ("Cluck-a-Doodle Doo; Fillet Meow"), the Meow Mix Cafe has finally opened. Rules of engagement: No dogs allowed and catnip must be checked at the door...expect Cat Fancy subscribers, Jake, and people who use this pet wheel-away from SkyMall (via Zach Braff's Garden State blog, of all places). But Gothamist's favorite Meow Mix marketing tool is the Meow Mobile, because who doesn't love a car that looks like a feral cat? [Via Michelle and Rachelle]

Thinking about wacky options for pet dining, Gothamist remembers a chapter of the Jeffrey Steingarten book, It Must Have Been Something I Ate, where Steingarten tries to prepare the best bone ever for his dog. And then thinking about food, check out Gothamist Food.