Sure, that $12 cup of coffee might make you a connoisseur in some circles, but you can't really call yourself a coffee expert until you've gulped down $30 worth of the finest feline feces known to man. Known as "Kopi Luwak," the Indonesian brew is made by roasting the beans eaten and excreted by the cat-like Civet. Seriously.

"Coffee consultant" Michael Peter tells the Daily News that the Civet's stomach acids produce an extremely smooth brew, which can run up to $400 for a pound for the beans. Only about 500 pounds are produced a year. But even Peter isn't buying this, ahem, crap. Upon actually tasting it, he said, "I try to be partial, but when I think where it comes from, I can smell the feces." A random taste-tester from Williamsburg put it bluntly: "It's heavy. It's like, 'Dude you just crapped in my coffee.'"

But New Yorkers are eating it up anyway. Porto Rico in the West Village has been ordering it about once a week, and it even comes in a beautiful wooden box. But why pay that much when you can get poop in your coffee at any of your local sporting events?