...and plenty of other cocktail tricks! Probably because everyone needs a drink of some kind (even Akon, who apparently favors Shirley Temples at the 40/40 club), the New York bartending scene has weirdly and suddenly graduated from flaming orange zests to intense, Jacob the Jeweler-style beveling: Having collected a gaggle of recipes from the current shortlist of beer cocktails around town, industry-centered StarChefs comes through with two instructional videos. One is a full-on, almost pornlike 10 minutes and 27 seconds of cocktail shaking from Tailor's Eben Freeman and Albert Trummer of Apothéke; you can select each bartender's clip separately from a menu underneath the video. It's weirdly fascinating (in a Discovery Channel way) to see how cocktail shaking styles vary depending on who's behind the bar. The crown jewel of bartending tricks, however, can be found in another video entirely: In a matter of minutes, Takaaki Hashimoto of B Flat transforms a solid block of ice into some kind of immense ice cube, cocktail-cooling dodecahedron using nothing more than a sharp sushi knife. This one's bound to take some practice; we wonder if cocktail enthusiast Rachel Maddow will be giving it a shot.