Do you want to enjoy corn dogs and funnel cake but don't want to go all the way to the carnival to get them? Look no further than ThinkGeek, who have packaged up carnival food favorites into colorful little tubs that you can order directly to your home.

"There are a few varieties of Carnival Fun Food Kits. You can get the funnel cake kit, which has an awesome funnel; or the corn dog kit, which you just add water and hot dogs to—and then deep fry); or the churros kit, which comes with oh so lovely cinnamon sugar; or the soft pretzel kit, where you can practice your knot-tying skills. Or, do like we would: get them all and pig out! Carnival Fun Food Kits will bring the fun of carnival gorging to your home, office, or anywhere you have a kitchen!"

But what about State Fair Foods—where's our fried pickle kit? Our hot beef sundae kit? Our CHEESE CURDS? [via Foodigitty]