The famed Carnegie Deli has temporarily shuttered, after Con Edison inspectors allegedly found improper gas piping installed in the Midtown eatery's basement.

The utility company was onsite investigating reports of a gas leak earlier this week, when they allegedly found gas piping that circumvented the Con Edison meter. That alleged "theft of service conditions," according to a spokesperson for Con Edison, led the Department of Buildings to slap the 7th Avenue building with a stop work order.

A message on the deli's voicemail claims the eatery is closed thanks to "Con Edison repairs," and it's unclear when it'll reopen. The Carnegie's closure comes on the heels of the shuttering of the Stage Restaurant in the East Village, which is currently locked in a battle with its landlord over illegal gas piping found in its cellar; the landlord, Icon Realty, served the Stage an eviction notice earlier this month.

Reports of illegal gas tampering and gas leaks have spiked since March 26th, when three buildings collapsed in the East Village after a gas explosion. Investigators believe the explosion was caused by illegal gas piping found in of one of the buildings.