The owner of famed Midtown eatery Carnegie Delicatessen has some serious beef with her philandering husband. Marian Levine, daughter of original owner Milton Parker, is suing her husband and his mistress for allegedly cheating her out of thousands of dollars in rent money for an apartment in the building that houses the iconic deli, according to the Post.

Levine's 71-year-old husband Sandy, who'd been reportedly having an affair with a 66-year-old woman named Penkae Siricharoen since 1998, apparently set his mistress up in a love nest apartment in the building that's owned by his wife. The affair went unnoticed by Marian until 2011, when she claims her husband signed an agreement with Sirichroen that would give her a sweetheart deal on rent for the next 15 years. The rent control agreement would keep the price at $975 per month on a unit that would rent for $3,000 a month on the open market, says the tabloid.

The lawsuit seeks to evict Siricharoen—who also has a home in Queens—and force her to pay back rent on the apartment. The suit also alleges that Siricharoen used a "false identity" to rent the apartment and is in the country illegally, according to the Daily News. “This isn’t about money,” a deli employee told the Post. “This is a personal issue between her and her husband. She doesn’t need the money.” Apparently revenge tastes much better than an $22.22 meat bomb.