2008_09_a_voce.jpgEater’s careful reading of Community Board 2’s upcoming licensing meeting agenda next Tuesday has uncovered that former A Voce chef Andrew Carmellini seems poised to take over the former Tasting Room space, at 264 Elizabeth Street. Chef Colin Alevras closed the much missed Tasting Room restaurant in early June.

Carmellini, whose 300-page cookbook called Urban Italian comes out in November, told Grub Street in July that he was also entertaining offers to open in Las Vegas; a definitive hint on Carmellini’s plan for the Elizabeth Street space can be found in that post, when he added “I want to get my little pasta restaurant done first”- that’s before the chef plays Vegas. Meanwhile, erstwhile Tasting Room chef-owner Alevras was last week rumored by TONY’s The Feed to be in the planning stages of opening a new East Village spot, somewhat ominously called “Permanent Brunch.”

Photo: Fresh Ricotta from Sardinia, from Midtown Lunch.