Penn Station's rebranding into a yuppified transportation hub slash destination dining spot (egads) continues with the opening of its newest NYC-based food option this week: Underwest Donuts. The donut shop has migrated from the car wash to the famed train station complex (upgrade?) for its second location, occupying a new space at 2 Penn Plaza beginning December 1st.

Scott Levine's much-praised donuts like Lemon Poppy and Maple Waffle will be served alongside Joe Coffee offerings. They'll also be debuting a brand-new flavor, Banana Milk, with the opening of the new shop.

Though not technically in the much-maligned fast food corridor (RIP), this follows a general shift away from national brands towards local, artisanal food purveyors in the area. Naturally, Shake Shack is coming next year opening December 3rd.

Local > big box any day, but if the Port Authority murders my outlet for Auntie Anne's pretzels, there will be a reckoning.