Many people run to balance out what they eat (we're ignoring you, people who claim to run for "fun") and then there are people who eat while they run, like the group of daring individuals who participate in the annual NYC Pizza Run, which returns to Tompkins Square Park on September 19th at 11 a.m. Each year, runners with stomachs of steel and eaters with decent sneakers participate in the charity-driven event, which asks people to run two miles while downing three slices of pizza along the way.

The premise is simple: participants run four laps around the park, stopping at three intervals to inhale a slice of pizza from Midtown's Pizza By Cer Te. Entry into the event costs $50—with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International—and in addition to the workout, the slices and the delicate intestinal balancing act, participants also get some pizza swag and a free drink at Double Wide Bar to tempt fate further.

Speaking of which, though the event sounds like a recipe for upchuck, shockingly, it's never happened in the run's five previous years. "Nobody has ever booted during the run," founder Jason Feirman of the I Dream Of Pizza Blog. "It might be our most impressive record!" Speaking of records, the fastest anyone's ever completed the loop has been 14:25, a time that was missed by last year's first place runner by just one second.

Tickets are officially on sale today and if your ulcer won't allow for pizza, Feirman also runs the NYC Cupcake Run in Astoria on October 17th.