Over the weekend, the new Upper West Side location of the Momofuku Milk Bar opened on Columbus Avenue and 87th Street. The little sweet shop is still working out the kinks—at the moment their A.C. is on the fritz and the interior is stinking hot—but that just means you can sweat off some pounds while you're waiting for your crack pie. As Dessert Buzz aptly puts it, "In the 1980s (and even into the early 1990s) they also sold 'crack pies' on this corner of West 87th Street, although minus the 'pie' part. Now, people line up to pay $5 for a thin slice of dessert or $6 for soft serve made from cereal milk. Crazy." But as you can see from these tantalizing photos, there's method to the madness.

Photographer Sam Horine stopped by yesterday and set the camera down for a moment to get total taste bud coverage. He reports that the pork bun with soft poached and then fried egg (pictured above) was delicious, and the cold brew coffee "was excellent, although I prefer skim milk in my coffee and only choice was organic whole." (So now you know how Horine takes his coffee. Get it right, people!) He adds, "I get the sense that once they settle in and work out all the opening kinks they will be embraced by neighborhood, as even though it's pricey it lends some cool to the 'hood."

Indeed, one local resident notes that there are a number of closed businesses in this little area of Columbus, so it's nice to see some sugar-coated life. If you've checked out their Williamsburg location, you'll recognize the menu as identical: cookies, cakes, pies, espresso drinks, savory breads, pork buns/veggie buns with the aforementioned optional deep fried, soft poached egg. Like the other locations, there is also Cereal Milk soft-serve ice cream, with a second flavor that rotates a few times a year. The current flavor is Strawberries & Cream.

Momofuku Milk Bar Upper West Side // 561 Columbus Avenue at 87th Street // Open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily // No valet stroller parking