Meet Courtney Scott, a self-described "vibrant freelance travel journalist and on-air personality," who's blogging about her mission to make it through a week eating nothing but free food culled from supermarket samples and other sources. She's on day four now, and her most recent report finds her stuffing Whole Foods samples into plastic baggies and bringing them home so she can document her little "meal." Scott's definitely got some great self-control (or a weirdly-manifesting eating disorder); yesterday she was hanging in Chelsea Market, alternately blogging and "making frequent laps down the concourse for fresh nibbles," when a stranger offered her the rest of his Pad Thai. After much internal debate, she declined, saying, " 'You can leave the plate but it's against the rules to eat it. I'll just have to throw it out.' So leave the plate he did, with a fresh set of chopsticks and napkins. And throw it away I did; an $8 half-eaten plate of Chelsea Thai Pad Thai in the trash." Victory!