Soon, your iPhone will have 70 new emojis, and amongst them will be the glorious Bagel. Finally, no more typing the word "bagel" ever again. However, as all bagels were not created equal, there was a lot of room for them to screw this one up, and, well... we got Lender's-ed.

This bagel has a shiny coating very similar to a Lender's, the frozen bagel that has, for decades, tried to pose as an authentic New York City bagel in suburban grocery store freezer sections nationwide.

At the very least, this thing needs to be toasted. And then set on fire and shipped back to Ohio.

Even Pat Kiernan, noted Canadian, is mad.

And where's the cream cheese? The lox? The butter? Who eats a dry bagel? This may fly in the Omaha airport Southwest terminal, but New Yorkers won't stand for it.