2004_10_food_cats pee.JPGWalking down the aisles of wine store trying to find that perfect bottle of wine can be a daunting experience. There are so many choices that everything just seems to blend together. Then out of the corner of your eye you see a label that stands out . . . maybe it’s the colors, the design or even the name of the wine. Gothamist has come across some doozies lately, which have made our trips to the wine store a whole lot more interesting.

There are quite a few that we found so funny, we just had to share them…

2004 Woop Woop Verdelho South Australia
Now who wouldn’t enjoy a nice “Woop Woop” to go with your grilled chicken? For only $11, this wine makes a great gift and an even better conversation piece. This Austrialian white wine smells of tropical fruit with a little spice on the palette.

1997 Cat’s Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
Now doesn’t that sound yummy! For those Sauvignon Blanc fans out there, you may have noticed the nose of the wine smells like cat’s pee or gooseberries – but in a good way. Well it looks like the manufactures decided if you can’t beat them join them. While Gothamist has never tried this wine, we would love to hear if anyone out there has.

2004_10_food_cardzin.JPG1996 Cardinal Zin, Bonny Doon Zinfandel, United States
This label (designed by cartoonist Ralph Steadman) definitely caught our attention, and this wines complex dark fruit flavors kept it. In fact, Gothamist will be serving this fabulous red wine at our Halloween Party this weekend.

Scraping the Barrel, Tempranillo, Spain
Wine doesn’t have to be pretentious or take itself too seriously, and this Spanish producer definitely shows us that it can be fun. Tempranillo is a fun wine with great spice and fruit notes. Their back label tells the buyer that it can be drunk with chips and gravy, who knew?

1999 Fat Bastard, Chardonnay, France
Many of you might have seen this wine before, as it is something you probably wouldn’t forget. The name of this wine came about when the shipper, Guy Anderson, was visiting the wine maker at Meffre in the Pays d'Oc. The wine maker was just back from Australia and used his newly extended vocabulary when he pointed out a barrel of particularly good chardonnay and said "Taste this fat bastard". Gothamist wouldn’t recommend bringing this as gift on a first date…people tend to be sensitive.

Time to run, Gothamist has got a date tonight with Fat Bastard and if things go well, maybe some Woop Woop too!